General Concept Of Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

General Concept Of Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and keeping our acquaintance safe from mosquito bites is indispensable. Like us they also feel exasperated when mosquitoes bite them and even get ill with many severe illnesses. Those who have pets in their house must be worried about their safety and trying to find a good solution. The best and safest mosquito repellent dogs are demanded of every owner as they don’t want their pet to be at risk. There are several best and safest mosquito repellent dogs available in the market and even numerous homemade mosquito repellents for dogs are present.

DEET can be used but if your dog licks it then he can suffer from illness. Lemon juice can be used as a repellent as it is not harmful for dogs if they lick it. Homemade mosquito repellent for dogs are safe and can be used for relaxation.

Mosquito repellent for dogs home remedies are many if you search them. Using celery extract can be useful or you can use garlic spray to eradicate mosquitoes. Using essential oils can be the best mosquito repellent for dogs’ home remedies.

Keep the orange peel and use it on your pet. It is also a good repellent. You can use vitamin B tablets as mosquitoes don’t like how this vitamin smells. Natural mosquito repellent for dogs are advisable as they are best and safe. Many herbal products are available in the market or you can make your own Natural mosquito repellent for dogs with essential oils or plant repellent plants like catnip or lavender.

Making your own repellent

Mosquito repellent for dogs recipes is helpful to make a good and cheap repellent for your pet. For this, you can use essential oils like neem, lavender, eucalyptus, olive and other oils. You can store them in a spray bottle and use few drops when required.

You will get many mosquito repellents for dog recipes on the web. You can make bug spray in water by boiling catnip, dried cloves, lavender, and peppermint. Let them cool, store them in a plastic spray bottle and keep it in a cool place. Keeping it in the fridge can be a good idea. Then spray it on your dog. Also you can plant marigolds, garlic, basil or lavender, and other plants in your garden. Mosquitoes hate the smell of these plants and stay away from them.

A mosquito misting system is also a good option to save your pet. You can install it in your garden or lawn. This machine will spray the insecticide like a mist, killing the mosquitoes and other insects. Usually, dogs stay outside of the house. So, making your garden free of mosquitoes can help give your pet a healthy life. With simple precautions give them a happy staying with you!